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Sift helps you get feedback on all your features, ideas, and unsolved customer problems – right inside your product.

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Product Feedback

Ask for feedback inside your product.

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Targeted feedback at scale

Segment your customers and trigger in-app feedback based on who they are and what they're doing

  • Being able to collect feedback based on customer attributes and their interactions with our platform is huge. It also shows our members that we respect their time (compared to just sending a general survey) – and that makes our response rate higher as well: over 65%!

    Joel Rendall
    Founder of Practice Portuguese

    User Insights

    Get a complete picture of your users and their journeys through your product.

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    Map all your customers

    See how customers use your product and the feedback they give along the way

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  • I was impressed by how many responses I got to the first question I put in Sift. Well over half of my customers who saw it responded and many of them also left helpful free-form feedback. One of my users even identified a long-standing bug that hadn't been reported.

    Trey Hunner
    Founder of Python Morsels
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